On the edge, of glory 

I don’t even know where to start. Everything about my last session with Daddy was just. Wow. 

To start with, it was unplanned. He said He may be done His meeting early enough that day for me to come by. So I prepped and cleaned in anticipation. There was just something about waiting ready for Daddy’s call. 

It was late and we had both had long days. So there was no bath this time. Instead I got ready and met Daddy on the couch. I took my position on my knees. And with a happy sigh took Daddy’s massive girth into my mouth. I began suckling gently on it. Running my tongue along its ridges. It grew inside my little mouth so I pushed it deep to the back of my throat. I love  Daddy in my mouth. We listened to sports news. And He talked to me about His day, life lessons, sports. All as He stroked my hair. I felt so connected to Daddy. 

I went between playful sucking, and face fucking with a purpose.  Every now and then I peeked up at Daddy with my big bright eyes. And the sheer look of satisfaction on His face made me a happy little girl. His deep groans sent chills down my spine. He took me by surprise and started a conversation. He wanted me to talk while I worshipped His beautiful fat cock with my delicate little mouth. Then He rested His strong hand on my head and said “you know, you don’t just suck Daddy’s cock, you make love to it with Your mouth” then groaned deep and powerful. My princess parts were soaked. My body shook. My soul took flight. 

How He manages to do this to me. Time and again. With just the slightest touch, with His words. His mere presence. He dominates more than my eager body. He has conquered my mind. My soul. My entire being. 


Making up for lost time

There’s nothing worse than when Daddy and I get sick back to back. It means going WEEKS without Him. Not only does it suck but it tends to turn me back into a bit of a brat. But that’s ok, cuz admittedly I kinda like when Daddy has to correct me. 

I’m writing this, reddened and bruised. With shaking Jell-O legs. An exhausted body. A satisfied baby girl. 

We both were exhausted but I just needed to see Daddy. Even if all we did was sleep. It had been too long. I fully expected a short session and a long sleep. But I knew when Daddy handed me a full glass, Jack on the rocks. I was in for some fun.  Despite being exhausted I pulled out the full sexy outfit. A red corset, red crotch less, assless panties that did up with snaps and red and black knee highs. Hair wavy, full glam smokey eye make up. Tired or not Daddy deserved the best babygirl could give Him. The socks and undies didn’t last long. Daddy told me to take them off and I stood there, in just a corset. He completed my look with red leather cuffs and a beautiful red mask. 

Over to the fur rug, onto my knees. God I missed Daddy’s fat cock. I took a moment just to stare at it. Appreciate it. I ran my hand up the shaft.  So smooth, so beautiful. And into my mouth. God it feels good. I swear, Daddy’s cock was made perfect for my mouth. I love feeling Him in my mouth, pressed against my cheeks, in the back of my Throat.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I lowered my head onto Him. It felt euphoric to have Daddy back in my mouth. He pulled out the phone to get some snapshots. Daddy is a wonderful photographer. I thought hm. Better give Him some good material. So I worked my way from the bottom up. Gently massaged His balls with my tongue. Sucked on them softly.  Kissed them.  I know just how Daddy likes it. Then I ran my tongue slowly up the shafts as I looked up into His eyes, then sucked on the head like it was my favourite lollipop. After some gentle tongue teasing, Daddy fucked my little mouth. I don’t know who enjoys it more, Him or I. It tastes so good. Feels so good. I lose track of time with Daddy in my mouth. I could have been on my knees for 10 seconds or 10 minutes. I don’t know. 
He helped me to my feet and bent me over the bed.  I shook with excitement. I didn’t know what I would get first. A spanking. Or to feel Daddy’s thick cock deep inside me. I let out a sigh as I felt Him slide inside me.

 “This is the rule now babygirl. You are going to count how many time you cum when you ask permission. I want to hear’ one please Daddy’ and so on. Understood?” 

Yes Daddy. Whatever You say Daddy. I could feel one building. It had been so long. I needed this so bad.” one please Daddy” I stuttered. Would He say no? Make me hold it? No! He called me a good girl, went harder and let me explode all over His thick cock. Like a good little girl I thanked Him, and then He stepped away. As I pondered what was wrong I felt the sting of the paddle on my bare ass. Again. And again… Usually I take a spanking well. This one felt merciless. Something in every swing, Daddy felt more powerful than usual.  My eyes closed as I soaked in His strength. I couldn’t help but let out a cry “Did you not ask for a good spanking?” Daddy asked “i I am just giving you what you asked for.”  Yes Daddy! I quickly responded. The stink was nearly orgasmic. The blows stopped and I felt Daddy penetrate me deep again. He filled me entirely. I felt one of His tools on my back and then my ass as He fucked me with deep powerful thrusts.” Two please Daddy, two please Daddy!” I begged. As soon as the word cum escaped His lips I let it go. Fuck it felt so good. The back and forth continued until I hit eight… 

“Daddy, eight please Daddy!” 

“Mmm yes good girl cum for Daddy.” 

“Mmmm aaah thank You Daddy!” 

“good girl, now give me nine.” 


“Nine. Now cum for me” 

“fuck. Yes Daddy!” 

“Goood girl now ten!” 

HOLY. Fuck. 

To be perfectly honest I much prefer being told when to cum, VS asking permission and this just took the cake. And I needed a water break. Daddy had me moaning and screaming so loud. He gave me water then worked on anal prep. Gave me some more spankies and turned me around “edge of the bed babygirl” mmm YES Daddy! The pounding continued. But with me on my back He began striking my round bouncing tits. I was a little shocked at first but each blow felt so good. He fucked me good and long then bent me over after another water break. He grabbed the paddle and kept reddening my ass. 

After begging for my 30th orgasm it was time for another water break. Then I felt the thick head of His fat cock pressed against my asshole. Like every time, I said no. It hurt too much. But like every time I took a deep breath and told myself to be brave. Daddy kept the lube coming to ease my discomfort. And after a few minutes it started to feel ok. Then it started to feel good. Then it simply felt euphoric. It didn’t take long before I was asking permission to cum again. And again. Permission to cum turned into permission to soak the floor. I knew I was going to squirt, and I did. Not just once but twice. I came eleven times with Daddy’s fat cock in my ass, before I completely doubled over and could not move. 

That was the end of our night session. Daddy washed off, removed my cuffs and collar and pulled me into the bed for after care. My ass was bright red and throbbing. My tits bruised a beautiful black and purple. My body and mind left satisfied yet again as I drift off to sleep in Daddy’s arms. 

Fuck you, work 

Ever have one of those weeks at work where you just want to give your boss a big “fuck you?” Well it’s been one of those weeks for me. As a property manager I show vacant units a lot. How more perfect could it get, than to just fuck in all the empty units?

Fuck you, work. 

Have Daddy come to an open house and book a private viewing. Maybe have an argument with a tenant. Show Daddy how powerful I am at work, so He can further enjoy His power over me. Have Him watch me in my business attire, professional and in control. I want to see the look in His eyes as He strips it all away from me. 

Fuck you, work. 

After the open house, once all questions have been answered and applications handed out I turn to Him with my warm professional smile. “You wanted a closer look? Right this way, Sir. I’d be happy to help You.” into the unit we go, the door slams behind us and I quickly lock it.  Without missing a beat I drop to my knees and look up at Him with big pleading eyes “please Daddy, may I suck it?” He’ll give me permission, call me a good girl, and step closer so I can get to what I want. As I slide His pants out of the way His thick, delicious cock wait for my little red lips. With a happy sigh and a playful giggle I run my tongue from the base to the tip. Slowly, so I can feel every ridge. Every pulse. I want to hear that low throat groan from Daddy as I open my little mouth, grip the base of His thick hard cock, and take Him deep in the back of my throat. My mouth waters with pure satisfaction, dripping down His firm shafts. Me eyes water, my make up runs. 

Fuck you, work. 

I’m going to defile every room in this house. It isn’t mine to defile. Some poor unknowing soul is going to move in here, the air fresh with the smell of Daddy’s sweet cum and baby girls dripping wet pussy. 

Fuck you, work. 

We don’t even have to undress. Just grab me by the hips, bend me over and lift my skirt. I want the neighbours to know Your name. Daddy. Daddy. Over and over and as You fuck Your dirty little slut at work.  Fuck me harder and deeper until You fill me with Your cum. I want it to drip down my leg and onto the floor. I want to leave work leaking Your load Daddy. 

Fuck you, work. 

Wrong hole…. y fuck don’t stop…. 

I’d hate to be Daddy’s neighbours. I go from a sweet little princess to a slutty potty mouth with the touch of His hand… And I am not quiet about it! Last night was no exception.

“Fuck Your little slut Daddy.. Your fat cock feels so good…. Oh please Daddy! May I cum?” oops. Sorry!

The night started as any other. With a wonderful princess bath ran by Daddy,  a nice cold bevvie, and Phantom of the Opera. Between missing Daddy, the hot bath, and the glass of ice cold jack I was feeling frisky. “Daddy” I called….. “Daddy, come here a sec!” I could hear His footsteps through the hall. My heart raced, my princess parts got wet and I sat up on my knees in the tub.  He didn’t even make me ask. As soon as He looked in my eyes, He knew what I wanted. With a grin on His face He stepped to the tub and pulled out His delicious fat cock. My eyes widened, yes Daddy. Thank You Daddy. This is what I needed! With a happy sigh I took all of Him into my mouth. I gripped the base gently and suckled on Him. I felt Him grown in the back of my throat. I choked happily on His girth. His massive head pressed against against the back of my throat. Euphoria.  He gave me my instructions, and I finished my bath. I always get dressed up for Daddy. I curled my hair into big waves, pulled on a fishnet dress, and did my make up. Daddy loves when my eyes look big and sexy. I always get nervous when I present myself to Daddy. Will He be pleased? I walked hesitantly down the stairs and waited halfway. The glisten in His eyes and the smile that painted His face said I had satisfied my Owner.  He ordered me to the bedroom and I quickly obeyed.

I crawled into Daddy’s fluffy bed and waited in nadu.

My legs opened, to show Daddy what’s His.

My hands open to show I have nothing to hide.

My gaze down to show my respect.

I always wait for Daddy like this. I never know if He notices. But my submission is just as much for me as it is for Him.  He grabbed my cuffs and my collar. I let out a soft sigh as I felt the leather on my skin.  Sweet release.  Daddy rolled up the rug. The soft rug that I had rested my knees on so many times before. The rug where I had wanted to pleasure Daddy with my little mouth. “Do you know what I am doing babygirl?” He asked. I shook my head as He grabbed a toy. A vibrating dildo, with a suction cup and a remote. My eyes widened “You want me to sit on that Daddy?” I questioned, “yes that’s what it’s for.” He stuck it to the floor and turned it on. To please Him I lowered myself onto it and took His large hard cock in my mouth. Nothing compares to Daddy’s cock. And this fell short. I didn’t last long on it before He knew I wasn’t comfortable “stand up and come here” He helped me to my feet. I love how He knows me so well. I don’t have to use my safe words or tell Daddy when I’m uncomfortable, He just knows.

Daddy helped me to the bed and pushed me so my face was in the sheets, my bare ass exposed. My favourite position. Helpless. Exposed. Completely at His mercy. My princess parts were soaked as He slide His thick hard cock deep inside me. His hand on my hips, with the occasional smack on the ass He made me cum again. And again. And again. “no one fucks me like Daddy does” I said.  Sometimes He let me release the built up tension in my body. But sometimes He made me hold it. Exhausted. Out of breath. Legs shaking. He pulled out slowly with that low, primal sexy chuckle. It makes me wetter every time I hear it. Especially when it’s followed by the sound of whips. He tanned my white ass until it matched my vibrant red hair.

Then came the familiar sound of hooks and chains “Can you braid your hair?” I knew this was more of a command than a question. I hopped to my feet and grabbed an elastic swiftly pulling my hair back to a braid. Daddy tossed me over the beds edge again and prepped me ass for the anal hook. I’m still new to anal training so admittedly, it hurt at first. But as I relaxed the pain subsided. Then He slipped a hook into my braid and chained the two together, attaching my cuffs to the ensemble. Such a pretty sight. What a wonderful feeling. Cool metal against my burning hot ass.  A perfect photo opportunity.  Daddy is so creative, He took beautiful photos of His little slut. And then He gave me what I craved, His thick hard cock in my dripping wet pussy again. I could hear the chains rattle as He thrust into me. I came, and came again. And again. To keep my ass that pretty little shade, every now and then Daddy gave me a good hard open handed smack.  I got exactly what I wanted. He fucked me until I begged for a break and then refused to give it to me. He pushed my limits. Opened me to a whole new world. But He didn’t stop there….

While Daddy undid my chains and removed the hooks, I thought I was in for a break. But Daddy had other plans. He lubed up His thick cock and slowly slid it into my ass. I almost tapped out. Fuck it hurt so bad. And it gave me a weird sensation that I needed to poop (even tho I diligently douched my ass in preparation for the night) but I kept telling myself “be brave. Be brave for Daddy. Be a good little slut.” Daddy moved so gently, and spit His warm saliva on my asshole to keep me comfortable. Then my body crossed a threshold. It felt good. A soft moan escaped man lips. Followed by another, and another. “Mmmm You like Daddy’s fat cock in your ass?” He groaned. I piped up quickly “Yes Daddy! Yes it feels so good. I love when You fuck me like a little slut. Fuck my ass Daddy!” What in the name of earth had come over me. Two months ago anal was a hard stop. Now it made me moan. And stutter. And… Oh God, is that? Yes! Yes it is. “Daddy,” I begged “please may I cum. Please!” although I couldn’t see His face, I could sense the satisfied grin. “From anal?”… “Yes!” I was nearly screaming “please Daddy please!” I barely made it to His permission “mmm yes cum for Daddy.” Holy. Ever loving fuck. My body shook. My feet lifted off the ground. My first anal orgasm. And my second. Aaaand my fifth.

And something inside changed. Like, a whole new door had opened up. I felt more fully His. My desire to submit and serve grew stronger. Daddy had unleashed a part of me I didn’t know existed. In some strange way I felt a spiritual connection to my submission, and to my Master. My Daddy. My Owner and Care Giver. It washed over me like a wave on the beach. A feeling I can tn explain but only hope everyone one day experiences.

The night did not end there, but my story will. For some things are best kept between a Daddy and His slutty little baby girl.

Searing desire, a little BDSM fantasy. 

Remind me who I belong to, Daddy. Wait for me to get out of the bath. Fresh and clean. And make me Your dirty little slut again….

Wrap my collar around my neck, grab my hair and force me to my knees. My mouth aches to please You, Daddy. To feel every ridge of Your thick fat cock.  I want to make that important decision,to take You deep in the back of my throat and forego the oxygen I need. All to know You are satisfied Daddy.

I may be a flower but I am not delicate Daddy. Be rough. Be powerful. Pull me to my feet and throw me onto the bed Daddy. Wrap Your powerful hand around my throat, and stare into my eyes as You remind me. I am a good girl. I am Your little slut.  Not that I could ever forget, but remind me who is in control Daddy.

I know You like to chain me up Daddy. Lift and cross my legs exposing my ass, and chain them to my hands so You can slide You fat cock deep inside me and pound Your little princess. My orgasm belongs to You Daddy. Please don’t forget to tell me when to cum. You know I love cumming on Your command….

I want you to push my limits Daddy. Push me to that point where I need a break, and refuse to give it to me. And just as I beg for more, stop. You make me so wet Daddy, so Your cock will be glistening. I want to feel You rub it on my clit while I try to catch my breath. As I look up at the grin on Your face. The grin that says Daddy is satisfied. The grin that makes me even wetter.

It’s been too long without my hook, Daddy. Please will You bend me over,  slide it into my ass and chain it to my collar? Good girls deserve spankings Daddy. I want to feel Your belt, Your whips, Your paddle. All on my bare ass. I know how much You love red Daddy. Make my as the most beautiful shade of red.  And when my ass is Th e perfect shade Daddy I want to feel You grip my hips and slide Your fat cock into my now dripping pussy. The dripping pussy that You own Daddy. I can almost feel it now Daddy and it feels so good. It makes me cum and squirt all over You. Don’t be gentle Daddy. I may be Your little girl but I can take it, I promise. Pound me until You’re ready to cum, but let me taste it please Daddy. Grip the back of my head and explode in my mouth. I promise Daddy, I’ll swallow every last drop.

By now my ass will need another beating Daddy. Pull me off the bed and gag me. Use all Your favorite toys Daddy to redden my ass. The ass You own.  And just when the pain is almost too much to bare, unchain my hook, spit on my little asshole  and replace it with Your thick cock Daddy. I want to hear You groan, to feel Your strong hands grip my hips as You fuck my tight, nearly virgin asshole. I want to feel You cum inside my ass Daddy. It will look so pretty when You pull out and it drips from my ass to my pussy. The ass and pussy You own. Bent over the bed.

Only if Daddy is satisfied, now my gag can come out. But please Daddy let me sleep with my collar on. That’s two of my three holes filled with Your sweet cum now. Just one more to go. Wake me up in the middle of the night Daddy. Not with Your words, not with a kiss or an alarm. But by tossing my onto my side and fucking my achy pussy until You fill it with Your cum. Then let me rub Your back Daddy until You fall back to sleep.

My very own fairytale, and I’m the princess.

&&​Once upon a time there was a little girl, who felt lost. She embarked on an adventure to find herself and wound up in a big scary place. This place was full of all kinds of people. Some looking to find themselves, some looking to help others. And some who clearly didn’t know what they were doing. She kept meeting people who spoke so sweetly to her. Who made promises to her. “empty promises” she kept telling herself. She would engage, then pull away. And when she did the boys got mean. They called her names. “sticks and stones” she said. But it hurt. And they all did it. All but one. Instead of calling her fat, or ugly, or useless. He simply wished her the best. Follow up? That happens? So she took down a thin layer of her wall. Surely He can’t be that bad? Their conversations were light and interesting. She read His description a thousand times. Something made her hesitant “if you’re not ready to meet don’t waste my or your time”… Oh Goddess. Am I wasting his time? I don’t know if I
‘m ready to jump in with both feet. Her anxiety set in as she made excuses not to meet Him. But on a sad and lonely day He asked for an opportunity to make her smile. “it’s been so long I could use a smile”. Her free mind said go for it. Her everything else said don’t. Protect yourself child. But she went for ice cream with the man who will hold your hand in public and pull your hair behind closed doors. She put on something cute. Not too desperate. And drove to a city she has never driven in. To see a man she had never before. As she watched Him walk up over the bridge her heart raced. Fight or flight kicked in and she wanted to run. But a wave of calm crashed over her and a little voice inside said “everything’s ok” we sat in the park to talk. He had beautiful eyes, a dreamy voice. And so many wonderful things to talk about. He asked if the little girl would like to go to his place to see some art. Without hesitation she said yes. “make sure someone knows where youare for safety.”
he said. She felt safe having heard that. The evening included stories, art, and her first taste of BDSM. The drive home was long. The two had establish that they weren’t  looking for a forever thing. Or an emotional thing. How would this work? I’m a little. I’m needy. I need mental and emotional connections. Her brain raced right up until she saw Him again. And again. And when she was with Him everything seemed calm.
Somewhere along the line she went from casual fuck toy. To Daddy’s baby girl. Now every morning she wakes up happy to see his messages. And before bed she smiles knowing who she belongs to. Turns out all along all she needed was a real man

Sweet, wet dream – 1

Anyone else scroll through message history and find some good stuff? I did!  It’s not uncommon for me to have dreams or day dreams about sessions with Daddy. The deeper into submission I dive, the wilder my dreams get. And I think I shall share them with you! Here is a message I found to Daddy in the archives. It’s a good one 

Mmm yes please Daddy 😍 I actually had a dream about that. You had me bent over and chained to the bed. Headphones in, blind folded and gagged. And while Your fat cock pounded my soaking wet princess parts You lubed me up and fingered my tight ass. Then You flipped me over and put a butt plug in and fucked me hard with Your hand around my throat, but You took off my blindfold and made me look You in the eyes. Fuck. I woke up in a puddle.